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Planning Captains + Volunteers

Costume Parade Captain + 5 judges

Haunt Captain

Permits Captain

Poster Distibrution Captain + Volunteers

Volunteers Captain

Set Up Captain +  6 people, someone w a big truck

Welcome Table Captain + 6 people

Donation Captain + 2 Volunteers

Water and Ice Captain + 1 volunteer

Raffle Captain+ 3 people

Arts and Crafts Captain + 1 Volunteer

Games Captain + 4 people

Candy Wheel Captain + 2 Volunteers

Baked Goods Captain + 6  Volunteers

Decorating Captain + 2 Volunteers


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If you can't volunteer -- or even if you can -- please help fund the fun by making a tax-deductible contribution to the Wilshire Vista Neighborhood Association.

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Wilshire Vista Neighborhood Association
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The 2018 Wilshire Vista Mixer is sponsored by Red Real Estate Group, Herb Wesson & YOU!