We need your help in order to be able to hold the 2018 Wilshire Vista Block Party on June 24 as planned. Please consider donating one or two hours of your time to join your neighbors in setting up and running the party!

Openings on June 16:

  • 4 people needed to distribute flyers on Masselin, Packard, Genesee, and Orange Grove respectively, joining: Jennifer Yano [Hauser], Rebecca Hadar [Carmona], Anne Lee [Sierra Bonita], Kim Orlando [Whitworth], Jared and Alexi Rosenbaum [Stanley], Ruth Scribsiers [Spaulding, team captain], and Nancy Wicks [Ogden].

Openings on June 24:

  • 2 people with SUVs or trucks needed to pick up equipment from storage before the event and return it to storage after the event.
  • 2 people to help set up and serve at the food table, joining: Anne Lee, Connie McCurdy, Alissa Solomon, and Jodi Wilf.
  • 1 person to help set up and serve at the bar, joining: John Barrentine, Michael Curry [captain], Matthew Lynch [captain], Chuck Marquardt, and Eric Marvel.
  • 1 person to help set up and assist as DJ, joining Marcelo Calsich [captain].
  • 1 person to set up decor on site before the event, joining: Maliya Washington, Nancy Wicks [captain], and Jennifer Yano.
  • 5 people to staff the welcome tables, joining: Emily Chung [captain], Anne Lee, Marilyn Peters, Allison Rosenberg, and Barbara Wells [captain].
  • 4 people to sell t-shirts at the welcome tables.
  • 2 people to sell 50/50 raffle tickets at the welcome tables, joining: Sheri Lu and Sue Swingle.
  • 3 people with kids and/or dogs for 50/50 raffle strolling sales. Enjoy the party while selling raffle tickets!
  • 6 people to join the setup and breakdown team, joining: Tom Buscher, David Dahlke, Meg McComb, Kim Orlando [captain], Roumi Pancheva, and Howard Wilf.

To sign up for any of these slots, please complete and submit this form:

If you can't volunteer -- or even if you can -- please help fund the fun by making a tax-deductible contribution to the Wilshire Vista Neighborhood Association.

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Wilshire Vista Neighborhood Association
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The 2018 Wilshire Vista Mixer is sponsored by Red Real Estate Group, Herb Wesson & YOU!