Wilshire Vista (founded in 1921) is a diverse community comprised of 1700 households within the great City of Los Angeles, conveniently located between Downtown L.A and Santa Monica Beach, with close proximity to the 10 freeway and The Metro Expo Line. With our rich collection of historic single family homes, duplexes and small apartment buildings on beautifully tree-lined streets, convenience to local restaurants, and one-of-a-kind shops along Pico Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue, Wilshire Vista is an ideal place to live – but most of all, it’s the people who live here that make it so special. 

The Wilshire Vista Neighborhood Association is a voluntary, non-profit neighborhood association for homeowners and renters living in Wilshire Vista. There are no homeowners’ dues or fees. There are no HOA rules or regulations. The association is run entirely by donations and volunteers who work to keep our community connected through our newsletter and social events.



Relationships. Members of our neighborhood may go years without knowing neighbors two doors away. A spirit of warmth and friendliness is generated through our association. 

Social Events. Wilshire Vista hosts two events per year where we close off several streets for neighbors to meet and celebrate: the Annual Welcome Mixer and the famous Halloween Haunt (which we hope to have enough volunteers to bring back in 2016) are highlights for our community.

Neighborhood Issues and Improvement. If our neighborhood needs improvements, residents are the best resources to help initiate change. See our directory for a list of civic contacts.



"Whenever our families visit, they continually comment on how amazing our neighborhood is – how unique and beautiful the homes are and how unique and beautiful the spirit of the community is. It is often refreshing to see the world through the perspective of others; but the reality is, we don’t need the lens of our families to recognize how brilliantly wonderful Wilshire Vista is.  We see it every single day!  

There are a variety of factors that make this neighborhood wonderful. First, the traditions (ones we need to nurture, revive, and keep alive) are like none other. The Halloween Haunt and New Neighbor Block Party connect all of us to one another and provide great opportunities to celebrate as a community.

Second, the neighborhood is energetic in its commercial and creative burgeoning.  With places like My Two Cents, Dos Hermanos, Hound and Cat, and Yummy, we are finding more spaces where we can be with our neighbors, support local small businesses, and simply enjoy.

Third, the people here are unparalleled.  They are open and warm and engaged in finding connections with one another.  We have loved getting to know neighbors all around us and feel lucky to be able to walk around and know so many faces and names of those among us. This seems so simple, but is in reality a rare experience in LA.  There is an incredible intergenerational collaboration in the neighborhood.  Young and old alike often work together to create the vision of the neighborhood.  This was captured most beautifully at a recent neighborhood event where we were treated to a “flash mob” filled with kids and adults alike.  

Wilshire Vista is home!"

Adam Fingerhut and Stewart Halpern | Resident since 2010

"I moved to Wilshire Vista after I graduated from USC in 1995.  I love this neighborhood because it is so centrally located and there is a sense of community.  My neighbors are also my friends.  

Five years ago my mother moved to Los Angeles and she introduced me to a whole new Wilshire Vista experience.  I did not know that having a pet would deepen my connection to this community. 

Nineteen months ago my mother experienced a serious health challenge and my neighbors have supported us during her recovery.  Recently the power went out and my neighbor came over to sit with my mother so she was not alone in the dark. 

I am grateful to each of our neighbors I have been blessed to know in Wilshire Vista.  I could not see myself living any other neighborhood in Los Angeles and having such a positive experience."

Victoria Gore | Resident since 1995

"I moved from Long Island, New York in May of 2010 to Wilshire Vista. I love our neighborhood because it has a real sense of community, where people are kind, generous and friendly. Wilshire Vista is a great walk your dog neighborhood where I get to know my neighbors when I am out and about. I love hearing the sound children’s laughter, as they are play. I love that Wilshire Vista is central to everything in Los Angeles and I do not have to always get in my car. I love the convenience of all of the new restaurants and businesses on Pico Blvd., which adds to the vitality of our community."

Connie McCurdy | Resident since 2010

"This is the best neighborhood in Los Angeles, and I've lived all over [this city]; I am heartbroken to have to leave it." Though I knew I loved my neighborhood, this stranger's comment jolted me into realizing how truly lucky I am to be a Wilshire Vista resident.

So what makes Wilshire Vista so special? Besides the easygoing and friendly nature of many residents (the aforementioned stranger was walking his dog when we struck up a conversation, an everyday occurrence here); it is the architecture. The neighborhood is charming, encapsulating the creative energy of 1920's Los Angeles with diverse styles skillfully integrated by consistency of scale, quality construction materials and built by master craftsman - the likes of which we will never see again. And we get to live here.

Now how great is that?"

Ruth Scribner | Resident since 1992

"My family and I have been Wilshire Vista residents Since 1996.  We have raised our five children in this wonderful neighborhood.  When I think about what makes Wilshire Vista great place to live, the first thing that comes to mind is neighborly, meaning a true community.  Although Metropolitan Los Angeles is all around us, Wilshire Vista has the best neighbors anywhere in the city!  We don't feel like we are in urban LA, because of the small-town closeness we feel with many of our neighbors, and the quietness on the streets ( most of the time).   It is also very cool that our neighborhood is truly cosmopolitan and multi-cultural.  Another wonderful thing about our community is the proximity to the best that Los Angeles has to offer: the Grove, theaters, the Hollywood Bowl, sports, universities, the coast, and museums are are within a short drive.   Lastly, I love seeing how we all care for our homes.  This includes wanting to keep home values as high as possible, and also being considerate of our city's resources.  Oh, and the breeze that comes up from the ocean on most afternoons is just heavenly!"

Kristi Bradbury and family | Resident since 1996

My Wilshire Vista....                                                                                                                  Building strong community.                                                                                                       Awesome neighborhood!

"So it appears that writing about why I appreciate living in Wilshire Vista makes me go all poetic—haiku-style. But those 17 syllables just don't suffice to express fully how thankful I am for being able to experience this time in my life with the people who have been my neighbors for the past 14 years. Yes, it's the PEOPLE—friendly, intelligent, giving, skilled—who make this an enjoyable place for me to go about my daily activities. What more can one ask of the place that you call home?"

Barbara Griggs Wells | Resident since 2001

"My husband and I have lived in Wilshire Vista since 1988. We raised our 3 kids here and love the neighborhood! It is close to several important places: downtown, West LA, Culver City, and the airport. Plus, we're 5 minutes from the 10 freeway.

This neighborhood is actually on a small hill, which I live on the south side of. It offers some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world! While WV is a residential neighborhood, it is nestled in among some great urban spots which are easy to walk over to: LACMA and the La Brea Tarpits, restaurants on Pico, Fairfax (Little Ethiopia) and Wilshire, convenience stores, stationery, supermarkets and drug stores. But most of all, the people who live here are awesome!"

Ruth Askren | Resident since 1988

"We're only half a mile from five major museums and the bustling Wilshire Boulevard; yet walk our streets and we are a cozy and well tended oasis from that urban dynamic. I can walk to work & shops & dinner. I feel safe when I do. I know my neighbors and they know me. We look out for one another; at home or away. An eleven year resident; I cannot think of anywhere else in LA I could have all of these benefits. I'm here to stay."

Meg McComb | Resident since 2010

We just moved to Wilshire Vista, so we're still quite new – I love the central location in Los Angeles, the beautiful architecture of the bungalow homes, and the local business owners that have been so welcoming and engaging with my family.  

Kristine Eller | Resident since 2015